When I was young someone gave me a book called My Story About Me.  It was basically a list of questions to answer.  I thought that was brilliant.  How neat would it be to have such a book about your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents?  Those would be true treasures!

Okay, back to the purpose of this page, here’s a little bit of my story:

I am originally from Georgia, born in Brunswick near the Golden Isles, but have also lived in Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Florida, and now North Carolina.  I have two sets of parents, both in Georgia, and two sisters, one in Jacksonville, FL, and one in Indian Trail, NC.  I also have three stepsisters.  Like my father and uncle, I am a retired Air Traffic Controller, although I’ve also had several other jobs along the way including graphic artist and tax preparer.  I’m married to Drew, but let’s call him MW (Mr. Wonderful), and we have just celebrated 25 years.  We met in high school, but it took us quite a long time to figure out we belonged together.  (My Mom did try to tell us way back, but who listens to their mother in high school?!)  My children are both in their 30s and live nearby, a son with his wife and three little ones, and a daughter with her two.  The little ones call me YaYa, and I affectionately call them Boogers…specifically Booger Butt, Little Booger, Angel Booger, Cutie Booger, and Missy Booger who range in age from 10 to 3.  When my children were young, I thought there would never be another love like the one I have for them.  WRONG!!  These five little munchkins are the bee’s knees!  Isn’t it amazing that the heart can expand enough to hold that much love?!  How in the world it has time to worry about pumping blood I’ll never know!

These days I spend my time with a small tax & bookkeeping business mostly to help friends, running an income tax site for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program during tax season, teaching Junior Achievement, and playing with the Boogers, except, of course, when we are out finding a new path on the road less traveled.  Oh yes, and now on this blog.  If you want to know how that started, check out For My Baby Sister.

Thank you for checking in.  Maybe I’ll see you on the path.

Talisa Jones