Wow, that’s a mouthful!  This is the first big trip we’ve taken since MW’s retirement, and it’s a doozy.  The plan is a road trip across the country in our travel trailer visiting a few people along the way, a train trip from Seattle to Vancouver, a cruise to and around Hawai’i, island hopping for a few days, a flight back to Seattle, and a road trip home.  Truthfully, we are already on the trip as I’m writing this, so I’ll be doing update posts on the specifics over the next few days.

This is our first really big RV trip in the travel trailer, a 2018 Rockwood Mini Lite (named Penelope) that we tow with a Silverado 2500 HD (named Brutus).  We have taken a few short weekends and one 3-week trip, so we have dipped a toe in, but this will be a full on dive.  Questions I had in advance:  1) As much as I love MW, can I really be in an 18′ x 8′ travel trailer with him for weeks?  2) If I can’t, who is leaving or burying a body?  (JK…really!)  3) Most importantly, will towing a trailer affect the way we really love to travel, taking those “roads less traveled” and stopping on a whim?   The answers will come, I’m sure.